Cheviot Hills is a neighborhood of single-family homes located on the Westside of Los Angeles, California and is adjacent to Century City and 20th Century Fox Studios. Cheviot Hills received its name from the gently rolling hills that are reminiscent of the Cheviot hills between England and Scotland. Cheviot Hills consists of a neighborhood of approximately 1400 single-family homes, most of which were built in the 1940s and early 1950s and are largely traditional in style. Residents of Cheviot Hills are a friendly, close-knit community.

The Cheviot Hills Home Owners' Association is a non-profit, incorporated association whose purpose is to promote and maintain the quality of life in Cheviot Hills for the benefit of all who live here and to foster and encourage a spirit of good will among its members. The association exchanges information with its members and takes action when appropriate with regard to matters affecting the welfare of the community. The association's efforts to maintain the residential nature of Cheviot Hills are funded by voluntary annual dues.

The Cheviot Hills Home Owners' Association Board of Directors meets the first Thursday of each month from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Beverly Hills Country Club at the corner of Motor and Manning Avenues. Residents are encouraged to attend if they have questions or concerns.


General Election Meeting on May 1, 2014

Rancho Park Driving Range Improvements
All work on the driving range will comport with the terms of agreement previously negotiated with CHHOA, WOWHOA, and WNC,
• Wherein the project differs from the agreement it will be a "downscope."
• The Golf Division of Parks and Rec is doing the work, not an outside party.
• The driving range is not going to be extended as approved, but will remain the same length.
• Though the lighting output will remain below allowable lumens, there will be three light poles with three lights each instead of one light per pole as previously planned.
• The height of the fencing will remain as planned, going from the existing 70 to now 80 feet high. The netting will be as specified, as will the spacing of poles.
• There will be changes as planned from grass to artificial turf on the driving range.
• Some trees will be trimmed to allow entry of construction vehicles and equipment but the City trees (eucalyptus) along Patricia Avenue from Pico south to Lorenzo Drive are not part of this project nor are they the purview of the Golf Division.
• The tee line of the driving range will not be replaced as previous plans specify.
• There is no immediate plan to change the clubhouse at this time. Restroom rehab is on the short list of additional improvements to be done, but not part of this project.

The neighborhood and especially our local golfers are greatly looking forward to a fresh face for this important community asset and green space!

  • Driving Range Schematics
  • Expo Light Rail Position Statement

    Statement in Support of Mass Transit and Position on Expo Phase 2

    The CHHOA board supports mass transit that is efficient, well planned and minimizes negative impacts on neighborhoods. The Expo Light Rail Line Phase 1 project is complete, and construction on Phase 2 has begun. Phase 2 extends the light rail line across Venice Blvd., through Cheviot Hills and across West Los Angeles along the Exposition right-of-way. While there are several above street-level crossings and a 1/2 mile below-grade trench on Phase 1, Phase 2 plans for trains to run at street-level across the major north/south arteries of Overland Ave., Westwood Ave., Military Ave., and Barrington Ave. We believe these street-level crossings will intensify traffic gridlock across wide-spread areas of West Los Angeles, endanger children at the Overland Ave. School and intensify noise and air pollution unless effective mitigation is in place.

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  • Phase 2 Train Frequencies

    During peak hours, trains are anticipated to run every 5 minutes or less. On weekdays, an anticipated 280 trains will be crossing Overland Avenue, at grade, between the hours of 4 am to 2 am.

  • See Expo Phase 2 Frequency Table

    Cheviot Hills Home Owners' Association supports Neighbors for Smart Rail. Please visit their website for more information.